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Man always attracted to the deep ocean. Underwater World has not yet been investigated to the end, and we do not know what's going on out there, in the mysterious depths. One thing is for sure, that humanity is still waiting for a lot of discoveries, if we can get to the heart of the sea depths. And as long as we are content that the plant aquarium fish and enjoy seeing their measured underwater life, to give lots of positive emotions. And those who do not want a passive contemplation, sit at the computer, log on to our site, include game fish and are directly involved in the lives of individual characters, fish, participating in their adventures. In the game you will be able to protect a small fish from the surrounding neighbors huge, that and strive to swallow the little one. Although this fish is not so harmless. Scuttling of the giant fish, with your help, it will absorb the smaller fish in the rise and thus increase in size. As the size and production will become larger. Here he is this cruel law of the world: you do not eat - eat you up. If you manage to get to the final game, your fish will be a huge fish-monster. But keep in mind, your fish will have to overcome a lot, so the ending is still far, but the process of survival you enjoy. If you are too busy and can not afford to have a real aquarium, build a virtual Fishdom. Behind it will also have to take care of, change the water, feed the fish, buy new ones, treat them to decorate the aquarium algae and funny figures. But first he will have to make some money by solving small puzzles. You can create themed aquariums, and as a result get a gorgeous screensaver on your desktop and you will admire your creation every day. Game about the fish tend to differ stunning graphics and realistic. Play fish fun for both kids and adults. Children will learn a lot about the different types of fish, and their unusual names, and adults just relax and unwind after a busy day. There on the playing space and a place for this fisherman. Fishing - it's forever, and if someone mutilates it for real, it will never change his passion. But rarely can afford to travel in the country, especially if you live in the city. Therefore, a virtual fishing - one of the options satisfy hunger fishing. The more that you will catch fish for real: the bait or net. And do not expect it to be easy, all at a real fishing: fish feed up and get the catch. Here they are, the game about the fish.

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